Memory Game

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Memory Game Exercise Children's Mental Growth- Playing With Toys Can Cultivate Children's Patience And Stimulate Their Imagination. Communicative Competence- Let Children's Play Together .Inspire Each Other And Develop Their Ability To Get Along With Others Hand Eye Co-Ordination -Through Some Actions, Processing Visual Input, Good Hand Touch And Eye Co-Ordination Are Also Conductive To Body Co-Ordination. Cognitive Ability-Compared With This Baby, It Helps TO Develop Children's Cognitive Ability And Enrich Their Knowledge. How To Play - Insert Chess Pieces And Shake - Take Out A Piece If It Matches The Dice The Color Of The Sieve. If It Does Not Correspond, Reinsert It. - Another person Roll The Dice First Wings. - Whoever Wins The Most Pieces Three Ways To Play 1. When There Are No Chess pieces On The Board, The Person Who Has More Sticks Wings 2. The Person Who Firstly Gets The Four Chess Pieces The Same Color Wins 3. The Person Who Firstly Gest The Six Chess Pieces In Different Color Wins Safe & Non-Toxic Color Perception Fine Movement Logical Thinking Mathematical Concepts Memory Family Time

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